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Google Nest Mini - A compact smart speaker with clear audio and great bass.

Google Nest Mini - A compact smart speaker with clear audio and great bass.

Google Nest Mini - A compact smart speaker with clear audio and great bass.

If you are looking to join the Google smart home ecosystem, the Google Nest Mini is a great way to start. It is currently selling at a discounted price of S$54.00, plus free shipping until 31 December 2020 at their Google Store. (Usual price S$79.00) 

Stronger Bass: Compared to its previous-gen Home mini speaker, the Nest Mini carries two times stronger bass and offers an overall richer sound at 360° with three far-field microphones. 

Google AssistantDespite the compact dimension of (98 x 42) mm, the Nest Mini delivers excellent audio and a great user experience with Google Assistance. It has improved voice recognition, which won't respond to everyone who says Google and has over 4000 actions, including music, shopping, cooking, and more. To activate it, say " Hey Google, ..." or " Ok Google, ...".

And if you are wondering how Google Assistant helps,  here is the answer. It helps manage shopping lists, purchase products from Google Express, answer your queries, find stores around you, and more! And if you need help when cooking, you can search for recipes, get directions on how to cook or bake, all just by asking Google. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. All-in-all, it is like an extra helping hand for your daily on-hand task.

Assessibility: It works with hundreds of compatible smart devices and is accessible to various apps like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, and more. You can also play your music playlist or listen to the news on Nest Mini from your phone.

Thoughtful Design:

Integrated wall mount: One thoughtful design the Nest Mini carry will be the integrated wall mount behind it. When mounted, the audio bass resonates better than lying flat on the table, explaining the design purpose other than just for aesthetic sense.  

Easy Volume Control: One of the new features the Nest Mini has will be the ultrasonic sensor embedded beneath the fabric. By approaching the Nest Mini, it will light up the LEDs to indicate the volume function to raise or lower the volume, which is cool if you need to adjust it. For instance, when you are on the phone and need to reduce the music without using a voice command.

Sustainable Material: Another good to know about the Nest Mini is that the fabric covered on the top uses sustainable material - recycled plastic bottles, a commendable effort.

So if you are planning to get a fantastic Christmas gift or even planning to join the Google ecosystem for a long time, this is it. The Nest Mini may be compact but has clear audio with great bass, which is great to listen to music, is mountable on the wall, and is a smart speaker with over 4,000 actions and has access to many apps. Lastly, it is on promotion now. 


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