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LG Wing - First Impression Review

Phone / Tablet

LG Wing - First Impression Review

Phone / Tablet

LG Wing - First Impression Review

Phone / Tablet

A unique dual-screen smartphone.

Beyond the typical designs in smartphones are the more interesting dual-screen designs that can fold and flip. And now, LG has just up the game of dual-screen by introducing the new LG Wing that swivels. So, does this unique design serves a functional purpose that helps to elevate the user's experience, or will it be for purely aesthetic design only? Before we dive into what the LG Wing has to offer, here's a quick look at its specification.


Front Camera

Unlike the typical punch-hole or notch front camera that sits on the display screen, the LG has a 32MP pop-up camera that hides in the phone and rises when a selfie mode is selected. And, if a fall is detected, the pop-up camera retracts automatically. This innovative retract and pop-up front camera sits on the top of the phone, giving users the full view of the display screen.

Rear Camera

Sitting on the rear of the LG Wing smartphone is a 64MP main camera, a 13MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide big pixel camera. According to LG, the 13MP ultra-wide camera is excellent for fitting a whole scene within a single shot, while the 12MP has a "Gimbal mode" that provides full pro-grade stabilization. 

Recording Functions

There are two highlights among the recording functions – the gimbal mode and the dual recording mode. 

Gimbal Mode

The gimbal camera feature has six motion sensors inside, a Hexa motion stabilizer that reduces shakes and bumps in three axes, and control functions such as the handy joystick to pan, tilt, roll, and lock. The secondary display screen acts as a gimbal device, allowing the user to take rock steady footage conveniently without mounting on anything.

Dual Recording

The LG Wing features a dual recording, allowing the user to capture and record simultaneously from the front and rear camera. During recording, there is also an option to either view both shots side by side via a picture in picture or split-screen as two separate videos.



The LG Wing runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G (5G) chipset, an Adreno 620 GPU, a low refresh rate of 60Hz, an 8GB Ram, and a 128GB storage space. Despite having a basic performance spec sheet usually found in the mid-tier smartphone, the LG Wing has a multi-app expansion that allows users to multitask efficiently on both screens. However, a low 60Hz refresh rate means higher latency and less smoothness in the browsing experience. Hence, how well it can perform will still require further testing.



The first to swivel into a T-shape display, the LG Wing carries two display screens. It has a 6.8-inch FHD+POLED main display and a 3.9-inch GOLED secondary display. This T-shape design allows the users to not only have an excellent handgrip on both landscape and portrait mode but also expand the options and usability on both screens. Also, it has an in-display fingerprint recognition for the user's convenience. 



The LG Wing carries a 4,000 mAh battery capacity, more than a regular mid-tier smartphone battery size. However, the need to run multiple apps on two screens might affect how long the battery can last. Hence, further testing is required.


Daily Usage

With the new T-Shape design dual-screen, LG address multiple concerns the users may have. Among are the Swivel durability, the heaviness of the dual-screen, and the level of resistance against water and dust.

Swivel Durability

According to LG, the LG Wing has a durable hinge movement that underwent 200,000 durability tests to stand the test of time, and with the double lock structure, it has a stable rotation. Along with the dual spring and hydraulic damper design, the swiveling motion is uniform and smooth.

LG Wing Weight

The LG Wing weighs 260gram, using lightweight composite material. Despite the material used, the LG Wing's metal frame maintains the durability needed for swiveling and long time usage. However, carrying around a 260gram smartphone is considered heavy and may weigh the user down over a long period. 

Shock test, dust and water resistant

According to LG, the LG Wing passed nine Mil-STD-810G test categories, including shock testing from a height of 1.2 meters in 26 different angles. It has an anti-dust, which assures the secondary screen from getting scratched from the swivels. And using water-repellent coating technology, the LG Wing achieves a level of water resistance to continue working in any environment.



All in all, the LG Wing not only has an interesting form factor, but it is also great for multi-tasker and helpful for vloggers or content creators. The T-shape design and multi-app expansion expand the users' options and usability for everyday life usage. It can be used as a basic phone with one main screen or swivel out for a dual-screen to run more applications. However, it is only available in 128GB storage space for global purchase, which may not be enough for content creators to store multiple video content.

LG has yet to announce the actual retail price of the LG Wing smartphone. However, one can expect it won't be price at any affordable range found in the mid-tier smartphones.