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Realme 7 (5G): A $469 Mid-Tier Smartphone with Solid Specs

Phone / Tablet

Realme 7 (5G): A $469 Mid-Tier Smartphone with Solid Specs

Phone / Tablet

Realme 7 (5G): A $469 Mid-Tier Smartphone with Solid Specs

Phone / Tablet

Earlier, Realme has released another affordable mid-tier smartphone in its 7 Series, the Realme 7 (5G), for just $469.00 only. It is now available for purchase at any authorized retailers, and it comes with a free realme buds Q for purchases on realme's official Shopee flagship store between 30 Jan to 28 Feb 2021. Let's see what it has to offer.


On the rear of the smartphone sits a Quad camera, including a 48MP ultra-high-resolution lens, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2MP Macro Lens, and a 2MP B&W lens. It consists of 14 rear photography functions and has an Ultra Image Stabilization (UIS) function for a more stable video recording. And on the top left front camera holds a 16MP punch-hole selfie camera with 12 photography functions. 

Photo Quality

Main camera The Realme 7 (5G) can take excellent detailed photos, capturing even the dust and background texture. However, the out-of-focus area tends to have a more muted color than the iPhone 12 mini. Considering almost half of the iPhone 12 mini price, the Realme 7 (5G) still captures quite an impressive photo quality.

Nightscape Mode Even for the night mode, the Realme 7 (5G) takes impressively good quality night shots, brightening the night streets. However, there is a tad of overexposure and blurriness as compared to the iPhone 12 mini. So, unless a pro camera phone is needed to capture a more detailed quality night shot, the Realme 7 (5G) still offers quite a decent camera for everyday shots.


The Realme 7(5G) sits a Dimensity 800U with 7nm Gaming processor, different from its sibling 7 Pro, which uses a Snapdragon 720G. And according to the Nanoreview benchmark, the Dimensity 800U demonstrates a better performance result in both CPU and Gaming performance than the Snapdragon 720G. With a 120Hz refresh rate, it also contributes to smoother and more responsive gaming and overall experience on the Realme 7 (5G). And if you are wondering, the smartphone is still quite cooling even after 2 hours of PUBG gaming under an HD and high frame rate setting.


It has a larger 6.5-inch FHD+ Fullscreen display than its sibling realme 7 Pro, along with a 2400x1080 resolution. Within the phone's setting, the users can also choose the one-handed mode option, which shrinks down the UI to a manageable size within the display.

The realme 7 (5G) offers a 120Hz Ultra Smooth display with a 180Hz sampling rate to produce realistic and smooth visuals, a higher refresh rate than what its Pro siblings have to offer. Users also can choose between a low 60Hz refresh rate for power saving, a 120hz high refresh rate for ultra-smooth viewing, or an adaptive mode for smooth viewing and battery consumption. And although it has a Gorilla Glass 3 protection against scratches, Realme also throws in a pre-applied screen protector as double protection.

Design and Build

The Realme 7 (5G) mist blue has a pretty two-tone matte plastic backing, which appears less greasy and can be relatively scratch-resistant for daily usage. On top of that, Realme also throws in a free casing. Despite having a plastic back, the satin reflective finishing gives the smartphone a more premium touch and is quite comfortable to hold on to it. However, it weighs around 195g, which can be quite a hefty weight to bring about for a smartphone.

Along the smartphone's right side is the power button with high responsive hidden fingerprint recognition, giving the user the convenience to access instantly. And located at the bottom of the smartphone is the Dolby Atmos & Hi-Res Audio with a reasonably good audio quality and is loud for entertainment and gaming purposes.


It has a large 5,000mAh battery capacity similar to the 7 Pro and supports a 30W Dart charging speed even with the screen on or during heavy gaming. It also has a super power-saving mode, which can standby for 28 hours at 5% power, and supports OTG reverse charging. According to Realme, it has a fast-charging which gives the smartphone 100% battery in just 65mins and can hold 35 hours of talk time, 17 hours youtube, 9 hours PUBG and 25 days standby mode. 

Regular Usage (Battery Test)

With a start of 100%, the Realme 7 (5G) battery manages to last the whole day with a remaining of approximately 5%. The usage includes 4hr 15min of youtube in 1080p quality, a timelapse recording of 1hr, another 3hr of music play, 2 hours of PUBG gaming in a high frame rate of HD quality, and intermediate use of WhatsApp and website browsing. 


All in all, the Realme 7 (5G) stays true to its 'Dare to Leap' commitment to bringing the latest 5G technology smartphone to the younger consumer. It offers not only a competitive spec but also an affordable price tag. It has a relatively premium look, runs a 120Hz high refresh rate on a large display, a quad-camera with good image quality, a fast-charging speed with a big 5,000 mAh battery capacity, and a better performance chipset than its sibling 7 Pro, with just $469.00. 


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