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Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling wireless headphones.

Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling wireless headphones.

Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling wireless headphones.

Sony's flagship WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones deliver advanced noise-canceling and exceptional audio quality with a few tweaks of improvements from its predecessor, enhancing the overall experience. Let's see what the WH-1000XM4 has to offer.

Comfort: Comfort has always been one factor to look out for when getting a good headphone, and XM4 did meet this requirement. The XM4 earpads have an increased amount of padding that made them super-soft and comfortable for wearing. Compared to the XM3, the earpads have a broader headband cushion and pressure-relieving, which helps distribute pressure and increase earpad contact for a more stable fitting. Other than designing for comfort, it is also light-weight, making it suitable for traveling.

Thoughtful Design: Like its predecessor, the XM4's ear cups can swivel inwards to store neatly into its carry case, making it convenient for people who are always on the go. The ear cup's right side also has a touch-sensitive panel that allows the user to adjust the volume, play or pause the track, and skip or play the previous song, just by swiping or double-tapping it. However, it is not water-resistance, which could be a nay for users who stays outdoor most of the time. 

Excellent Audio Quality: The Sony XM4 has powerful 40mm drivers, with liquid crystal polymer diaphragms that can reproduce a full range of frequencies up to 40kHz and handle heavy beats. The enhanced processing power significantly differs from its predecessor, which offers only 25 mm drivers, giving more rich and crisp audio. Also, claimed by Sony, the built-in analog amplifier integrated within the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 has an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio for low distortion and exceptional sound quality. 

*(40kHz - Twice the general audible frequency for most headphones) 

Spatial Audio: Like the MX3, the MX4 has a spatial audio technology that creates 360 reality audio for a more immersive sound experience. However, the connect app and subscription to their streaming service partner, such as Deezer, nugs, and tidal, is required.

Noise Cancelling: Incorporating two technologies, the XM4 maximizes noise-canceling performance under unique atmospheric pressure and personal noise cancellation. The Atmospheric pressure optimization delivers optimal sound at high altitude. On the other hand, the Personal noise cancellation optimizer analyzes unique sonic characteristics such as head size or glasses, which then tailor the sound to the user. 

Smart listening technology (SENSE Engine): One great feature among it is the Adaptive Sound Control, which uses smart listening technology (SENSE Engine). It automatically adjusts the ambient sound settings for the ideal listening experience. Be it traveling, walking, waiting, or even chatting. The adaptive sound control can also recognize locations frequently visited and tailor to suit the situation. 

Proximity sensor: It also has a proximity sensor that detects whether the user is wearing them or not, which then adapt playback accordingly to help save battery power. When taken off, the music pauses automatically and resumes when placed back too.

Quick Attention: The music volume can be instantly lowered when needed by placing their hand over the headphone's housing, which is useful when the user needs to listen and reply in a conversation.

Battery Life: The XM4 holds a good 30 hours of battery life and can charge to a 5 hours worth of battery with just 10 mins charge. A difference from its predecessor, which carries 35 hours of battery life and 2.5 hours worth of battery with a 10 mins charge.

All in all, the XM4 is worth considering if you are looking to purchase or upgrade your wireless headphones with noise cancellation. Also, Sony has an ongoing year-end promotion. It is currently selling at S$499.00 with an additional S$50.00 cashback, valid till 3 Jan 2021. (UP S$549.00).


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