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Is Google Pixel 5 & 4A(5G) worth the upgrade?

Phone / Tablet

Is Google Pixel 5 & 4A(5G) worth the upgrade?

Phone / Tablet

Is Google Pixel 5 & 4A(5G) worth the upgrade?

Phone / Tablet

An ultimate 5G Google phone.

Google has just released the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) at an affordable price point. And instead of focusing on new technology, the Google Pixel 5 and 4a (5G) offers more on the camera software this year. How different and well does the new Pixel 5 and 4A (5G) stand against last year's Pixel 4? Here's a glance at its specification comparison.


Both Pixel 5 and 4A (5G) has the same 12.2MP dual-pixel just like the Pixel 4, and instead of the 16MP telephoto, it has a 16MP ultra-wide camera sitting on the rear of the smartphone. The ultra-wide camera is excellent for capturing wider view images such as landscape, architecture, or city photograph, while the replaced telephoto camera focuses more on close-up shots.

Both smartphones also carry the same 8MP punch-hole front camera as its predecessor. Additionally, not only did Google Pixel 5 and 4A (5G) maintain the camera specs for an affordable price point, it even has more camera features to offer.

Camera features

Portrait Light mode

The portrait light mode gives the photo an extra light to brighten up the subject. With Google AI, the user can also adjust the lighting for photos taken five years ago. 

3 new stabilization video mode

With the new stabilization modes, users can now capture steady, beautiful videos. The locked-mode captures faraway still shots, while the active mode capture heavy movement shots. Lastly, the cinematic pan mode gives the footage a super-smooth panning that has a cinematic look. 



The Pixel 5 runs on the "upper mid-tier" Snapdragon 765G chipset, coupled with an 8GB Ram and a high 90Hz refresh rate. Although an upper mid-tier chipset is used for this year flagship Pixel 5, it still provides a comparable performance as the Snapdragon 855 and a more power-efficiency at an affordable price point. Unless running on intensive 3D gaming, the overall performance is still great.

The new Pixel 4A (5G) also runs on the same Snapdragon 765G chipset as the Pixel 5, but with a 6GB Ram and a low refresh rate 60Hz, which is still an upgrade in performance and power efficiency from its sibling Pixel 4A.



The Pixel 5 features a larger edge-to-edge 6.0-inch (2340 x 1080) OLED display, while the Pixel 4A (5G) has an even larger 6.2-inch (2340 x 1080) OLED display. Both pixels have a fingerprint scanner feature and a thinner bezel design compared to its predecessor. And despite having a larger display screen and battery capacity, both pixels have a lighter weight than the previous Pixel 4. 



Both Pixel 5 and 4A (5G) have an increased battery size compared to the Pixel 4. Running on a 45% larger battery size, the Pixel 5 carries a 4080 mAh battery with a wireless charging feature. It also comes with a battery share feature, which allows the user to act as a wireless charger for the Pixel Buds. However, the Pixel 4A (5G) carries a 3885 mAh battery size, which is around 35% more than the Pixel 4 and has neither the wireless charging nor battery share feature.

On top of the larger battery size for both Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A (5G), they both have an adaptive battery feature. Meaning, longer battery life is made possible by reducing power to rarely used apps. And coupled with the extreme battery saver feature, a single charge to the device allows an all-day battery of up to 48-hours, as claimed by Google.


All in all, the Pixel 4A (5G) is worth the upgrade compared to the earlier released Pixel 4A. It significantly differs from Pixel 4A in terms of performance, display size, battery capacity, and camera features, other than just offering a 5G speed for a price difference of approximately SGD$180.

On the other hand, Pixel 5 stands in the upper mid-tier unlike the previous high-end Pixel 4. It does not perform like its predecessor, Pixel 4, in 3D gaming performance. However, it still has an overall fast performance, larger screen, longer battery life, battery sharing features, a fingerprint scanner, and is water resistance, all at a lower price point of approximately SGD$951 (converted from USD699).